Bella Cibo Ordering, Pricing, Pickup and Delivery Policies

Store Policies for Ordering, Pricing, Pickup and Delivery:

We ask for 7 day notice on all custom cakes and special request orders. Please feel free to call if less than 7 days before your event. We do make exceptions depending on the work load that day, but there could be an additional charge.

A non- refundable deposit is required on anything over $50. If the deposit is not paid it will not yet be considered an order.  Orders under $50. require payment.  Wedding cakes need to be paid for the two weeks before the wedding date, or the order will not be completed, and the deposit is forfeited.

Any cake not cancelled within 48 hours of pickup will still be required to be paid in full.

Pickup, delivery and transportation of any cake:

Bella Cibo will guarantee delivery of any cake; if we deliver the cake ourselves.
Cakes and/or products pickup by customer will not be guaranteed under the following conditions:

1)   Parties/ weddings held outdoors, and / or temperatures above 70 degrees. Cakes at room temperature transported to party location while warm (room temperature) especially with cream cheese frosting. We recommend keeping a cake cold for transport. Houston can be extremely hot in some months.
2)  We cannot be responsible for cakes being placed on tables and / or stands not able to hold the weight of the cake. (Some cakes weight up to 100 lbs.)
3)  Cakes left in car while running errands or similar situations. Fast breaking of cars or car wrecks.

4)  We cannot be responsible for any other cake damages after the cake leaves the store; including any temperature changes out of our control . Cakes cannot be transported at room temperature to any venue or party facility, they will shift and fall.

We will be responsible for cakes delivered by us. Each delivered cake has a picture taken upon arrival. We cannot be responsible for any cake after we have left the drop off location and the cake was delivered intact.

Refunds: If you are unhappy for any reason, we must be contacted within 48 hours of your event. The product must be returned for credit or refund.  Any products must have at least 50% or more left. We cannot refund or credit product that has been eaten.    Thank you for understanding our store policies. We appreciate your business.